Status: Ongoing

The Early Years

Date: 2017 - 2019

This website started out when I was in my junior year of high school. One of the requirements for my junior IB English class was to create a project that was instructive and promoted discussion. My team and I decided to create a podcast where we talked about our experiences in the IB program. In order to make a platform to host member information as well as the episodes themselves, I decided to create a website. The netnate domain was purchased in August of 2017, and I started to work on the page soon after. I worked on this version of the website up until my graduation in 2019. After high school was over, I wanted to evolve the website into something that was more focused and individual. The original code for this iteration of the webpage is still viewable at my GitHub page.


Date: 2019 - 2021

After changing the focus of the website, my main goal was to discover interesting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript methods. At the time, I was becoming more invested in the idea of using the website as a LinkedIn-esque page; however, I didn't spend much time refining the look of the page after a few large initial commits. After creating the page, I became focused on other things and didn't work on the website much until I decided that I wanted to restyle it for the second time. I also saved the code for this version of the webpage here.

Current Iteration

Date: 2021 - Present

The last major change that was done to the website was started in 2021. The thing that I was focusing on changing during this iteration was changing the purpose of the website. Previously, I was using the website as a way to hone my webdev skills; now, I wanted to focus on making the website a functional site that I would be proud of designing. I plan on keeping the current form of the website up indefinantly, making changes and updates as they come. Check out the repo for the current form of the site at my NetNate page.